The Only Way Out Is Through


In a deep forest, alone in a profoundly spiritual way, you are presented with the option to go through and grow – or sit still and wither. We know you will choose to grow.

Size describes the mat or frame size, photo is smaller. Available framed or unframed.

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11×14 Matted  $31

11×14 Matted & Framed  $55

16×20 Matted  $42

16×20 Matted & Framed  $99


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The message of this image is so clear. You have been here a thousand times before, but each time it is new. Your choice. If you are tired, rest. If you are hungry, eat. If you must prepare, then do so. But you know that eventually, the only way out is through. Once it is time, you will walk again. Onward. Into the Mystery.

This image was captured on a misty ancient volcanic mountain high on Kauai, Hawaii. It dwells in stillness and silence. A damp and quiet forest, the second wettest point in the world, a lifetime away from what you thought was important. The water glistened on the mud, and an otherworldly light glowed ahead of me. Quietness seeped into by heart and my bones.

Later, when I looked through my photos, this one stood alone. It has consistently been my best selling image since I started selling. The image itself and what the title evokes speaks to everyone who sees it. It still speaks to me, whenever I look at it.

Even if you’ve never been there, it doesn’t matter. The forest, all forests, are in us. We resonate with trees and filtered light and a path gently unfolding before us.

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