Intuitive Card Readings

For Clarity And Wisdom

About Intuitive Card Readings

Tarot and other types of oracle cards are best thought of as a window to your own wisdom. They help to illuminate and light the path to your ever-growing awareness and awakening.

My job is to help you clarify and reveal what sometimes seems murky and hard to fathom about issues, situations and decisions in your own life. I always interpret the cards in the context of your life and current situation and thoughts. The readings are stronger and deeper the more that you participate.

What to expect from a tarot reading.

A tarot reading is a simple experience. First we usually check in about what you are looking for from the reading. What is your question, issue or situation? If we are together, you usually hold and shuffle the cards during this conversation. Next, I ask you to choose cards, or I may pull them for you.

Then I begin to interpret the cards within the context of your situation. This may be a conversation between us, or it might be more of a monologue on my part. At any time, you can ask for further clarification and we always will investigate your personal reaction to the cards and my interpretations.

If you want, I can record the session and send it to you afterwards.

Are tarot cards safe?

Absolutely. They are simply a tool for self-understanding. They are part of the Mystery, just as you yourself are.

Tarot Parties

I can set up off in a quiet nook and read for people singly or in pairs.

Or I can sit with everyone and read individually while all hold space and possibly contribute. The energy of the group can be powerful. (Be sure you have the right people for this to work well. I’m happy to consult ahead of time on whether this style will be appropriate for your party.)

Group Tarot Readings

I can create unique, customized tarot readings for groups of all kinds. It can be very beneficial for families, companies and teams to participate in group tarot readings and experiences together. Rates vary. Contact Uma directly for more information.

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