Interviewees, Apply Here

Hello to the world of Bruce Springsteen fans…

As I follow Bruce this spring, I’m looking for fans to interview. Or maybe anti-fans.

I’m primarily interested to hear from more people about why they love Bruce and what he has meant to them. I was very inspired by Springsteen and I last summer. It was really amazing to realize that there are many people who love Bruce for deep reasons and that he has touched their hearts and souls.

Because that is true for me. More about that in another post soon.

But also, if you have any kind of Bruce-related tale to tell, I’d like to hear from you.

If you are interested  in letting me interview you (written word, photography and/or video), you can send me a message via the form in the “Contact Me” link at the top right of the website.

Look forward to hearing from you!