Deep Energetic Healing

And How It Can Help You

Are you willing and ready to heal?

Note that during this Time of Coronavirus, only remote healing sessions will be booked.

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There is a deep calling for all of us to find a way through the suffering of our lives to a greater awareness and a greater joy. As one of my photographs says, “The only way out is through.” If you could use some help along the way to release what is stored in your body, energetic healing could be a very useful tool. 

Deep Work

Get into the energetic levels where all physical discomfort starts. Heal and change on subtle (and not-so-subtle) levels.

Have Fun

A sense of lightness and humor is essential for healing. Uma embraces laughter as well as tears for your healing process.

Safe Space

During energetic healing you are fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. Need unique accommodations? Just ask.

Feel Better

Most of Uma’s clients report a sense of lightness and well-being right after their first session.

What To Expect During A Deep Energetic Healing Session With Uma

 A healing session with Uma allows you to unravel some of the subtle knots in your awareness.

Fully clothed, you lie on a massage table. There’s always a blanket available to keep you cozy and warm. I will work gently, placing my hands on or near your body.

The work is very gentle and usually with a very light touch. I often use essential oils, if you are ok with that. I will move around your body. Sometimes there may be a bit of pressure. We may be silent, we may speak. Probably gentle music will be playing.

Deep energetic healing is the process of contacting and releasing the blocks to awareness and energy flow in all the layers of your body and being. There is no mystery to it (other than that everything is Mystery). illness and dis-ease exist on many levels or layers long before they manifest in your physical body.

It is important to know that nothing is promised. Deep energetic healing is about your awakening. We all get sick and we will all die. Sessions with Uma always bring healing. What that looks like might not be what you expect.

It might be very subtle.

It might be very powerful.

Your process of healing is and always will be unique to you. How it goes will be a function of your life path. There is no perfect result. This is not like taking antibiotics for an infection that subsequently “goes away” and you “get better.”

Deep Energetic Healing require a different mindset.

Healing in the Umaverse is a process of becoming aware of and dissolving the blocks to free flowing energy.

Fundamentally, this is what manifests in the material/solid plane/layer as sickness and disease. Yes – we may want to “feel better.” Depending what you are working with, your history, your specific energetic patterns and how you’ve related to them this far in your life, the path of healing will be determined.

It is completely, entirely, 100% unique to you and cannot be predicted or predetermined.

Your healing path is like the rest of your life path – unique.

Awakening requires only willingness on your part. You are healing your own knowing, your own decisions and your own unfolding life path. Whether you are 12, 25, 30, 50 or 70 – now is the time to begin again.

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