Uma Bode

Calm After The Storm

As the days and hours continue to pass, things shift and change, as they always do. That’s the greatest gift and the important thing to remember. Nothing stays stagnant. You can’t step into the same river twice.

That’s about all there is to it. If you can remember and stay rooted in that truth alone, then you can weather any storm, emotional, material or otherwise.

The pain and struggle of the last week and the last post have subsided. The difficult decisions about how to manage my current financial crisis have been made. Family and friends have stepped up to support, listen and provide critical advice. I’ve figured out a plan to move forward that will keep head above water and keep foreclosure at bay for at least 3-4 months.

In that time, anything can happen. And I’m not in control of any of that, so I can relax, do the next thing, trust the process and enjoy the adventure.

Someone reminded me the other night about curiosity. To stay curious about what is happening, what is being offered, what the Mystery is communicating. Always. Through any crisis, real or perceived.

And I realized, curiosity is one of the keys. If I am curious, I can’t be hiding. If I am curious, I am receptive. Curiosity brings me out of the shadows and into the light of love.

Curiosity allows me to have a continuous conversation with the Mystery about what is happening. About how it is serving my evolution and all of humanity’s evolution.

And that, my friend, is ultimately why am I writing this blog. To stay curious and to share curiosity, as well as insights, adventure, pain and joy.

I’m writing this blog to provide a reflection for you as well as an outlet for me. I’m willing to let you see the struggles and the winding path and the circuitous route through what most of us feel we have to hide.

I’m doing this because I want you to feel less alone. And less like you have to hide. I’m calling to everyone (yes, everyone) to liberate yourself.

Freedom now.

Freedom from what you think you have to do, say, think, make amends for, cleanse, remove, change, purify, fix or make right.

Come to the temple dirty and unkempt, in crisis or with clarity, alone or enjoined. Enter at will. Allow the cool welcoming beautiful interior of your heart be your home. Become more and more willing to let what you think is shadow or darkness come out, be seen and drink from the light.

There is no enemy. Not really. Everything is happening for you.

Ask yourself: “What is Being Offered?”

If you’d like to comment below or privately message me your response to that question, I’d be honored to receive it for you.

If you just want space to be held for your process around this, okey dokey. Holding space is what I do naturally.

And, if you want some insight or response, I’m happy to offer that also. Just let me know.

Eternal gratitude to Vanessa Stone, whose words and teachings I am freely plagiarizing here. I know it’s ok, because it’s all just the truth and there is nothing that can really be copyrighted when it comes to truth.

Finally…please receive this gift from Rumi ( translated by Coleman Barks, set to music by Sudhananda, performed by Shimshai):

Come Come Whoever you are

From The Illuminated Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks, illustrated by Michael Green.

P.S. Sorry about the ads that appear in the youtube video – I haven’t learned how/if I can remove them.

Jeez. It’s so anticlimactic to work so hard for so long and launch and then none of the social media links work correctly and even the facebook posts about it just slip away.

Starting a website is a long-term project, even more so if it’s an online shop. It has to be a slow burn with gradual growth, and I knew that, but I’m still experiencing the post-launch period right now as a rude and sudden skid to a stop. It’s a strange feeling.

That said, I feel SO PROUD that I did it and that it’s live and while this is just the start and there’s much yet that I can do to grow and improve it, it has good bones. If I do say so myself. I’m so damn tired of the photos I’ve got for sale that I’m already wanting to dive in and find and edit some new ones.

I have sold twice so far in downtown Asheville for 5 hour shifts at the permanent Grove Arcade Outdoor Artists’ Market. Super fun and great feedback. And I sold a bunch of photos. People actually want my stuff. That helped me really kick into gear to get the website up and running. I just put in orders for more photo prints, mats, frames and packaging supplies (retail and mail) today. I’ll sell again Thursday and hopefully over the weekend.

It’s not a lot of money but it’s a thrill and it’s a start and it’s a dream I’ve had for 8 years. More, really. Forever I thought my photography, or anything I made or had to say, wasn’t “good enough.” But, thanks to so much feedback from friends and acquaintances over the years (yes, that’s YOU who are reading this) I finally believe.

And the Tarot Readings…they are the greatest gift of all. I love to do them so much. It’s like I get plugged in to some kind of cosmic connectivity when I read for other people. I so love to serve in this way, and to be served also.

Also, this is only a side gig. I’m working a lot on Walls of the Wild with my brother, Jeff Bode and sister-in-law Dede Lifgren, helping with marketing. Wow. Who knew that SEO could be fun. Who even knew what the hell SEO is.

But, the real gem here is the real estate career. Got my license end of May and just started last week with a local Weichert franchise. Soon, this will probably be my primary focus and I’m so excited about it. The Asheville real estate market is absolutely booming right now.

So, here’s the point of this rambling post about websites and work: For the first time in my life, I am doing 100% only the things I want and love to do to make a living. This has been a REALLY LONG TIME coming. And if you read to this point and you are longing for that also, I just want to say, don’t give up on the dream. And do all the work to understand what it is that you truly want, on the inside. Because the outside will only be a reflection of the inside.

My plan is to blog more about this very thing. Pray for me that I actually write those posts. I got shit to say. I want to say it. Thanks for listening to this rant.

I can’t take down the Christmas tree. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I just can’t bring myself to take it down. I love seeing it when I come home and I love how it lights up the room in the morning before dawn and at night while I’m puttering about the house. And so far, even though I haven’t watered it in days, the needles aren’t falling off everywhere. It’s like a superpower tree.

So, what the hell. 15380501_10154805275034581_9068222932082949326_nI’ll just leave it up. As a reminder of the goodwill toward all that is my prayer. May we move past fear, through the perceptions of division, to truly see and accept all views. May our evolution continue and may real Love prevail. I have no idea exactly how the tree represents that, but it does. I guess because Christmas is about Jesus Christ and he taught love and acceptance and compassion. Still the one truly radical idea of all times. And the one that is closest to our true nature, so hidden.

This world is freaking me out, so I’ve decided to make art and beauty and to share it where and as it is invited and accepted. Here on my website, it is freely offered. No promotion or marketing, no requests for payment. All I have to give you is my naked heart and an ever-deepening connection to Source, to the God of My Understanding. Oh, and a lot of confusion and words and pictures that somehow express that and maybe also manage to make some kind of sense of it.

I think a lot about what is happening in the world. I may write about it here. I am not sure that I will really keep writing regularly and posting. Today, I feel like I will. I just need a place to put it all out there.

So. There we go. More soon. Go forth and relax. 😉

Resist the urge to get overly angry today. Resist the urge to polarize so much that we are unable to work together and make alliances and see whatever it is that our possibly fascist new administration is plotting. Don’t fall prey the polarizing rhetoric on social media and the news. Stay focused on love, see with the eye of your heart, and keep aware of what the hell is going on. Make calls to politicians and the White House, but just turn a deaf ear on the endless arguments that permeate all media. I find that twitter is a huge huge mistake right now. Just allows too much immediate reason for anger and division. Stay away, my friends! Have a beautiful day – don’t forget, it’s still a beautiful world.

Uma, over and out.