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Offered By Donation Until July 31

During this incredible time where the world we thought we knew is changing radically, I feel called to offer insight and coaching to all. Thus, until July 31, 2020, all my tarot sessions will be offered on a donation basis. 

An intuitive tarot session with me is an opportunity to take a deeper look at your life at the current moment, to find clarity on current challenges, to reframe the old stories you may be walking with. Insights are always present, just waiting for your attention. The tarot cards are a simple and beautiful method for finding answers you may be looking for about what is going on and how to make difficult decisions or meet challenges (old and new).

Minimum donation of $25 is requested for a session. My regular rate is $95. Please pay what you can. 

Use the calendar on this page to book the time and date that work for you. Be sure to complete payment or your booking will be canceled.

Remember, this time is full of opportunity. This is the moment to penetrate the secrets that lie within your own heart and mind, to uncover ever more deeply your true calling and discover what brings you greatest joy. This will always be also how you are of greatest service.

Please don’t wait. Book a session now. 

Uma is truly gifted and has the most beautiful energy! I felt so at ease and comfortable immediately. Her reading was informative, and she offered me great insight and guidance. She was patient, answered all of my questions and was patient/compassionate as I talked through some of the tough things that I’ve been facing. I can’t rave enough! So grateful I found her and will definitely be seeking her guidance going forward.

Dani B.

Business Owner, Tarot Client

What people are saying…

Going through somewhat of a transformational time right now in my life, I scheduled my reading with Uma to hopefully get some answers around what I could/should be doing to help me advance to the next phase of my journey. Not only did Uma’s reading hit the nail on my questions but it was an added plus that Uma herself was so genuine and passionate about helping me get the answers I was looking for. Uma made me feel very comfortable throughout the reading and really took the time to ensure that I understood everything so that I could take the information and actually manifest + work on my next steps. After the reading I felt motivated with a clear mind. Really looking forward to getting future readings from her as I’m sure this won’t be the last time I need some additional guidance. Highly recommend Uma and her readings, I doubt you will be disappointed. 

Michelle K.

Integrative Nutrition Health & Life Coach, Tarot Client

Excellent session with sound advice and full explanation of each card meaning. Uma definitely has a gift! Highly recommended.

Terry T.

Businesswoman, Repeat Tarot Client

Thank you, Uma. Your sensitive and kind approach to reading the tarot helped me to see my situation more clearly. 

What I learned will continue to marinate, and I will reflect back on the images of the cards and on our conversation to help guide me forward.

Your approach to tarot is very therapeutic. You asked me what brought me there so you could be truly helpful.  You first drew the cards and then, both of us decided what those messages might hold for my specific situation.  I was able to take away ideas that will help me move through and forward this difficult time. Thank you for being part of my path!

Roxanne HD

Full-Time Insurance Professional, Tarot Client

I reached out to Uma when I was having a difficult time with some big transitions that were happening in my life. Each card she pulled for me really resonated with what I was going through, and helped bring some clarity into my circumstances. Uma took the time to explain the Tarot meanings of each card, but I also really appreciated how much she wanted to discuss each card with me and get my feedback and thoughts on what they meant to me specifically. It was an interactive reading, which was much more therapeutic than readings when you only sit and listen. I highly recommend a reading by Uma if you need clarity about something in your life, or even if you’re just feeling playful and want to have some fun!

Amber N.

Realtor, Tarot Client

Hello Uma,

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading! I really appreciated your straightforwardness and your ability to “tell it like it is” and not sugar coat the reality. Your detailed explanation of not just the cards and tarot was also helpful in my understanding of the bigger picture. Thank you for not telling me what you think I would like to hear, but rather giving me guidance and a chance to see from another angle, much like a life coach. Your compassion and wisdom was helpful in clarifying my questions.

 I am looking forward to our next reading and can’t wait to introduce you to my friends!

 Yours truly,

J.C., life coach

Finding Uma has been a blessing to me! After a Tarot reading we shared recently, we immediately connected. Uma is helping me find my spiritual path through her teachings. I would highly recommend working with her on your own self-discovery journey!

Diva F.

Teacher, Repeat Tarot Client

Uma has a very unique way of reading the tarot for you. She brings you into the reading and promotes you learning about the cards while she’s reading. She is insightful and has a good grasp of the tarot. The cards open up to her as if your higher self is on display. She will help you to identify and understand any inquiry you may have. Her reading was very eye opening for me. I loved it. Thank you Uma!

Terri M.

Full-time Mom and Wife, Tarot Client

Uma is a gifted healer and guide.  She works with you to find clarity, direction and health.  Each step of the way, she helps illuminate your path while encouraging you yourself to find and follow what is offered to you.  Her Tarot cards are evocative and aesthetically beautiful.  Their images linger within you long after a session.

Maria S.

Therapist, Repeat Tarot Client

Uma’s Tarot Reading was wonderful! Uma is incredibly gifted! She really listened to me. She held a safe space for my reading. The guidance was crystal clear and my next steps are easier because of her guidance during this Tarot Reading. I am so grateful I found her. Do not hesitate to hire her. You will love this experience!

This review is reposted from The Umaverse Facebook page. 

Jennifer P.

Coach and Shamanic Practitioner, Tarot Client

A tarot reading from Uma is a real treat. She is intuitive and empowering and you leave feeling seen, guided, and clearer.

This review is reposted from The Umaverse Facebook page. 

Amrita M.

Tarot Reader and Healer, Repeat Tarot Client

I had my first Tarot reading with Uma today and it was great! She has such a calming energy that made me feel very comfortable. She listened closely to my concerns and gave me wonderful insights! The cards were just what I needed for clarification and confirmation and her interpretations helped me understand the messages more deeply. I felt much more at peace after my reading. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her.  

Maria R.

Crystal Reiki Master, client

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