Thought I’d take a quick minute to let all the blog subscribers who have found me over the years know who I am. You may have subscribed to Following Bruce in 2014-2015, which is now a subsection of The Umaverse. I am Uma Bode and I followed Bruce Springsteen for a while and (tried to) blog about it. I met many along the way and some of you were interested enough and kind enough to follow the blog. Also, many of you found me and started following me as this website and blog evolved from umabode.com before I even followed Bruce. Since those days, I’ve only posted sporadically so you may well have forgotten me and/or lost track of me. HELLO! I’m back! Now I’m launching my new business, The Umaverse, which is a combination of my writing (so, stay tuned because blogging should be picking up again), photographic art (sorry, can’t sell my Bruce pics), with some energy healing and tarot reading thrown in. I would love to have you keep following me, check out what I have to say about things, look at my photographic art, maybe buy some of it, and otherwise stay connected. That said, if you decide that this just isn’t your jam, you can unsubscribe anytime. Just click the link in this email. Bye for now and thanks for following me this far in the journey.