How and what I am ~ How and what I wish to be

For some reason I don’t exactly understand, and in no particular order, I feel compelled to write and share these facts about myself.

I am a:

  • photographic artist
  • writer
  • visionary
  • healer
  • closet designer
  • botanist
  • tarot reader
  • web-mistress & wanna-be internet-marketing-mistress
  • teacher
  • chef
  • gardener
  • plant ecologist
  • horse rider
  • dog trainer
  • animal lover
  • real estate broker
  • baker
  • traveler
  • spiritual warrior
  • extroverted introvert


I am also:

  • creative
  • generous, kind and thoughtful
  • sensitive
  • service-oriented
  • loving
  • honest
  • analytic
  • very intelligent
  • spiritual but not religious
  • quiet
  • gentle
  • luminous
  • serene
  • shy
  • introverted
  • cautious
  • prone to hiding


I am not:

  • Christian. Or Buddhist, or Jewish or Hindu, or any other religion or system ever known, created or believed in.
  • dogmatic
  • willing to compromise my self-worth
  • willing to betray myself ever again


I have:

  • high standards
  • integrity
  • expectations


The most important things in my life are:

  • my relationship with the God of my understanding
  • my soul’s journey
  • awakening
  • my cat
  • being my own teacher
  • learning to see with the eye of the heart
  • understanding what the heart is
  • following the heart
  • my brother and sister and their wife/husband/children
  • helping the world be a better place


Self-Betrayal is No Longer An Option


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