Catching My Breath

I’m back! I know the whole idea was to blog about my Bruce adventure while I was in it, but you probably noticed—that didn’t happen.

It turns out that seeing eight (yes, 8) Bruce shows means a hell of a lot of driving and not a lot of writing. Um, make that NO WRITING.

After my final show in Houston on May 6, I drove all the way to California. (So far, I’ve driven almost 7,000 miles since I left my house in Austin on April 14th.) Upon arrival in California, I started a mad schedule of work and socializing. I’m finally beginning to catch my breath – and am ready to blog again.

I still want to make posts about each of the shows in the order I saw them, including the adventures, the people, the energy…and what it has meant to me. But for now, I’m going to post some photos of my journey and of the band and leave the storytelling to the next post. I hope you enjoy and I am glad you stopped by to check things out here at my home on the world wide web.

8 Comments on “Catching My Breath

    • Why thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a sweet comment. Nice to see you and I hope you will come back again.

  1. Awesome Uma! Adventure! Love your photos…they speak volumes. Love you and Cheering you on! Love, Love, Love! Radical, beautiful courtship with Life! Bruce was lucky to have you on the road for a few shows! Amore, G

  2. I should comment on the awesome Bruce shots… but can’t resist a smile for the sign that says “respect the privacy of our rattlesnakes”;)


  3. That’s my hat Bruce is wearing in the jazz fest…yeyyyy!! It now has pride of place…in my bathroom!!! Nice meeting you, keep blogging!x

    • Hi Alison! Keep watching and I’ll talk about you in the NOLA post when I get there. So happy you saw this. Great to meet you also. What a happy happy day we had! Bruuuuuce!!!

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