Following Bruce – A BucketList Adventure Begins

I’m going to follow Bruce Springsteen on tour around the South this spring. No tickets in hand, no set places to stay, not even 100% sure which cities I’m going to. It’s a journey of my heart’s longing and a return to the core of my soul. The connection to Bruce has been so strong for me for so long. I’ve seen him here and there, but neither of us are getting any younger and I want to see him a lot. Dammit. Who said you can only follow the Grateful Dead? I’m going to follow Bruce.

Stay tuned. More soon.

2 Comments on “Following Bruce – A BucketList Adventure Begins

  1. Welcome back to blogging, love the new look. As for following a band/musician — I highly recommend it! I did a similar adventure one summer in my late 20s. I had no set plans, no set dates, just decided I would follow Aerosmith during their tour in the 1990s (seems oh so long ago now!) and had the best time of my life! They started their tour in Miami, as did I, and I followed them up the east coast until they ended in Boston. Met some amazing people along the way, met the band on several occasions, saw some great (and not so great) shows and laughed, sang, danced & smiled for several months! At that time there was one main message board where fans connected and as my adventure become known I had many invites to stay, ate many delicious home cooked meals & BBQ, even had home made moonshine that I thought would burn my esophagus if I even thought of lighting a cigarette since I swear I was drinking pure gasoline lol. So, go for it, you will have the best time with stories to tell for years!

    • I love this story! I cannot believe you did that also. I always knew we were kindred spirits! Your experience is EXACTLY what I’m hoping to have happen. And then I’m going to write, photograph and GoPro my experiences in this very blog.

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